Second TICAMORE MEETING (Marseille)

Date: 15-17 November 2017
Venue: Seminar room at FRIIAM, Campus St-Charles, 2nd floor. France.

TICAMORE Aim and Scope

The overall aim of the Ticamore project is to systematically study the relationships between internal and external calculi for several families of important logics (classical, intuitionistic and epistemic modal logics, substructural logics, bunched implication logics and their modal extensions, conditional logics). Further aims include the construction of new internal calculi for logics of interest with the intention of investigating properties including decidability and complexity, conservativity, axiomatisations and interpolation; the development of prototype implementations of various calculi for countermodel generation and practical tools to automate the translation of proofs between calculi.

The web site of the TICAMORE project.